Luck of the Irish

I'm currently on Spring Break and notably, a break should evidently be--well a break. However, I've recently rediscovered my inability to r e l a x and try as I might, ended up using my energy + anxiety for some internal work. 
Blogging is always a work in progress and I believe in anything you are proficient in, there is always still more to learn, and that's exactly what I did. I did a lot of googling in the past few nights, reading articles and lists on how to improve in myself to further my blog. Although they were things I already knew, it was a good reminder to keep myself from losing my footing. This included clustering my to-do list and therefore making my work habits more efficient and creating an editorial calendar.
More importantly, I actually narrowed down my goals and put them into writing, especially the purpose of Polydeux. Originally my purpose was to use Polydeux as a platform to land a job in the fashion industry (goal #1) but with what I've achieved in the past few years has wanted me to push even further with it and launch myself as an online expert through building a media company around my blog (goal #2). 
If any of the above sounds interesting or the least bit inspiring and you want to learn more, let me know!

Photography by Emilynn Rose