Collard Greens

Have you ever wondered what makes Polydeux, well, Polydeux? I've run this blog not too long after I turned 18 thinking I needed a business partner via a joint blog. I thought the support system was going to attract attention and make my blog stand out amongst others.
You know what the funny thing is? I was wrong. But I was also right. 

Polydeux, I learned, was something I had to run by myself. In which, I did, and I learned so much valuable information I was never taught in school. I learned how to network, graphic design, code websites, run a business, you name it. It was even harder that blogging wasn't as popular, meaning there were less tools and little accessibility to the resources bloggers have now.
I'm self-made. I'm a business woman all because of an idea. 
As time progressed, things would become stagnant. My productivity levels would hit hiatuses more than they should because I lacked the content and resources. I kept switching out photographers. I couldn't figure out my aesthetic, my niche, my focus. I've shelled out money, thinking it would make things progress faster. It wasn't until I met my current photographer that I realized I was doing it all wrong.

After months of shooting, Justin proposed to partner up. I was so used to running my blog by my lonesome I didn't think he was serious but I took him up on his offer anyway. Five months later, look at where we are now. 
Having a business partner has changed so many things for this blog. Productivity levels have increased and I have someone to catch me if I'm falling short of my usual standard. Not only that, but we're growing together, and if that's not an ideal partnership, then I don't know what is.
Polydeux is a business, and I'm proud to say that I'm not the only one behind it. I credit all of the successes this blog achieves to Justin too.

Photography by Justin Quebral