Geisha's Quarters

I've always said, you need to constantly watch to constantly grow. 
As humans, we learn most from observation.

I started this blog from doing just that, and I admit that I've definitely fallen short of reading articles through the years. Last night, or should I say, early morning, I caught up on some of my favorite bloggers thoughts. Even to this day, I'm still blown away by how intelligent and poised these women are, enough to say that they are definitely #goals.

Top via Urban Outfitters (Find similar here) / Heels via Zara / Kimono via Japan Town
Absorbing my own work written from a different perspective really made me understand more about myself as a blogger as well as my voice.
If there was anything that resonated with me, it was to stay true to myself and in following trends, you get drowned out by the crowd. Something I've strived to avoid at all costs.
There's still so much I have yet to learn but at the same time, it's always best to go back to your roots, especially when you end up in a creative rut like I am. It's safe to say that going back to the drawing board was the best way to get me out of it.

Photography by Justin Quebral