All Day

We went to the LACMA to shoot, but what we didn't know was that Kanye was premiering his latest music video and that was the last day of that event.

I've always had a soft spot for Kanye as much of an asshole he portrays himself to be. I respect him as an artist, as any creative should respect the next person in the same industry. 
I haven't watched American music videos in ages but I was more than happy that this was the first one I've seen since. Kanye was vulnerable. You saw his struggle through his facial features, and the stress in his breathing. But it wasn't the video that made the experience surreal as raw and unabashed his emotion was.
It was the energy that you reciprocated from him and shared with the strangers in the room. It was intimate and we felt it together in silence; something that's difficult to achieve nowadays and something I appreciate doing--enjoying other's company in silence. The bass drowned out any other fleeting thoughts I had. It cleared my mind and allowed to me give my full attention to my senses. 
And I left that exhibit saying, wow.
What an experience.

Top via Urban Outfitters / Skirt via DIY (Find similar here)

Photography by Justin Quebral