Take the Good With the Bad

After my usual scour on Instagram, I kept happening upon several accounts that for some reason had tons of followers and active engagements yet their content was blurry and sometimes poorly taken. But I couldn't help to think that I was doing something wrong.
I was weighed down by doubt and discouragement. I felt drowned out by the surrounding competition. There are so many people that are doing the exact same thing I'm doing. What makes me different? What do I need to do to make me innovative? New?
I can't tell you how many times I've rolled around in bed struggling with this thought.

 It wasn't until I realized that I couldn't be new and innovative if I have nothing to stand on. As an experienced blogger, you'd think I established that already. Wrong. There are so many kinks I'm still working out and imperfections to adjust. 
How can I take a stab at something new if what I'm experienced in isn't at its finest?
With blogging, or with anything actually, you have to understand the problem and as an entrepreneur, your job is to solve it. Understand your demographic and understand their needs before you can cater to them. 

I'm supposed to be an influencer, a content creator, a creative.
I can't categorize myself until I've sharpened my blade. I can't be frustrated by such trivialities when there's such an easy fix..
So I urge you to perfect your profession and to know your weaknesses before trying something new in your craft.
A Twitter follower tweeted me the other day saying, 
"If you enjoyed it, don't regret it. Take the good with the bad." 
Photography by Justin Quebral