Farfetched Sins

Sins of a Fashion Blogger, horribly and sarcastically written by yours truly
  1. I keep my friends from eating right away because I need to #foodporn, obviously
  2. I take too many pictures (80% of them being selfies) and I don’t even use half of them
  3. I have tons of clothes, but still nothing to wear :(
  4. My hashtag game is too strong
  5. I repeat outfits (UGH)

  1. I stand in front of walls and take pictures of myself doing so (DOUBLE UGH)
  2. I go to events for the free drinks
  3. I also go to events (90% of which are free) and take pictures of myself there just to show that I’m exclusive for being invited
  4. I am an expert at flatlays
  5. I really only wear one or two pairs of shoes out of the 900 that I own

  1. I ride trends out and proceed to blog about the fact that I am in fact, a trendsetter
  2. I frequent LA mostly for the coffee shops
  3. I also caption all of my picture of coffee as “But first, _____”
  4. I bought a fur rug from Ikea just so I can take pictures on it
  5. I either have a septum piercing, tattoo or unicorn colored hair

Which apply to you?
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Photography by Justin Quebral