Reflection: A Mulan Inspired Epilogue

Upon posting this photoset and the recent interview I had yesterday, I didn't realize how much I've grown as a blogger/model. I've been looking for the one thing that sets me apart from the other bloggers.
I was at Soothing Sista's birthday bash when someone asked me the same thing.
"Everyone else is doing the exact same thing here, so what makes you different?"

(And this was coming from the guy who directed Jhene Aiko, Dumbfounded and Jay Park's music videos. He saw right through me.)

(I watched my favorite Beyonce documentary that took the audience behind the scenes and I remember telling myself I wanted to be just like her. Queen B has always been my muse but re-watching this documentary added fire to my fire. So we blasted Beyonce during this shoot and probably will continue to do so. I even took a stab at a part in her choreo featured below; as inspired by the snuggie boy himself.)

I told him that that was the one thing I stress about day in and day out. I'm impatient, I admit. I want answers and I want them now. Every time I think I've found the answer to the same question, I get asked it again and I realize I don't. 
My friend Francis even said, "Every blogger just stands in front of walls. What do you do?"

Looking at this photoset compared to perhaps a year or two ago, I realized I've really began to encompass the high-fashion influence that I've been studying to harness without even knowing it. There's a confidence in myself that translates through the pictures. I'm particularly proud of these pictures in this post because I've been getting critiqued on my poses much more often as of late.
I tried forcing myself to pose in an abstract way and you know what?
It worked.

In this interview, I realized that I couldn't have achieved the confidence and the self-esteem I have, which is difficult in such a cutthroat industry, if I hadn't realized my potential. Once you realize what you can do, you therefore develop an understanding of what else you can do.
If you ask me what I do that's different than other bloggers, it's not even about the statistics or the user engagement anymore, because yes, I am proud that I have more engagement than others with higher numbers and hope to keep it that way. 
I'm different because my work is conceptualized. 

Photography by Justin Quebral