Currently: 10 Things (Featuring Zaful)

Ten things I'm loving, needing and obsessing over.

1.) Silk dresses, especially this one from Zaful

They're so flattering on the body but never fail to reveal every dip and curve, which forces you to really embrace your flaws. I'm not going to lie, I've had a hard time with self-acceptance but when you wear something that makes you feel good, it's hard not to show it. Confidence is the greatest accessory.

2.) Studded Sandals

I've been looking for flat, black shoes all summer and when I saw these from Zaful, I immediately knew they were the one. I even wore them all week during my trip to Oregon. These sandals are that shoe that matches everything in your closet. Must-have.

3.) Pressed Juice

I've been on a health kick all summer but it wasn't until I started traveling that I realized that I wouldn't be able to stay consistent in my exercise routines.

So I replaced my coffee cravings with pressed juice to wake my body up and stay energized throughout the day. (Re: kale and cucumber juices) I haven't felt groggy since. Not to mention, it's been helping in the fight against my cold.

4.) Leather backpacks

There's nothing like traveling light and backpacks likes these are perfect for that as they force you to pack minimally. Being a minimalist, doesn't just mean wearing monochromatic basics, (not that this backpack contradicts that statement) but it means living with only the necessities.

5.) Incense/sage

I've always been spiritually inclined and energy-sensitive so burning incense and especially sage really helps me find inner peace.

As a cancer, I can be highly emotional so it helps to have something to find my zen. In the times that I'm in very stressed out or emotionally overwhelmed, I've found that saging my room, especially near the window, helps get rid of the negative energy that is trying to escape.

Then, I feel free.

6.) Portland

Everything from the people, their food, to their culture and even their traffic, I love it all. Portland has such a laid back, easy going personality; so laid back that I had trouble adjusting to the change of pace upon arriving there.

Being in LA for so long, you constantly are in a rush or stressed about something. Everyone is an asshole, especially when they're driving. Everyone is judging you always and is dressed in preparation for that.

In Portland? Complete opposite.

7.) Off-the-shoulder tops

These are timeless and look good on everyone. I've been wearing them all summer and have promising shoulder tans to prove it. 

8.) Pokemon Go

I should probably be ashamed that I'm even listing this here, but I'm not. Late night Pokemon hunting with your friends has been my new favorite past time. I feel encouraged to exercise more, spend time outside and have something to bond over with friends and family. This has been everything us millennials have dreamt about doing since we were kids.

It's amazing how a simple app can amplify the sense of community around you.

9.) Watches

I've never been one to care about accessorizing until now. In fact, I don't think I ever owned my first big girl watch until recently (as pictured below). Accessorizing plays a huge part in outfits as much as the clothes do. They add dimension and texture to a look without taking away too much attention to the outfit itself.

Ps. You can find similar here.

10.) Zaful

I know I've been mentioning Zaful throughout this post, but I genuinely love everything they have to offer. The quality of their products is exactly as pictured. Not to mention, their prices are kind to my wallet.

My recent weight gain has made for a drastic change to my wardrobe so finding Zaful was perfect timing.

Studded sandals and silk dress via Zaful / Watch via Our Theory Of

Sponsored by Zaful

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Photography by Justin Quebral