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Part Four


@stefanetienne asked: What could cause you to completely overhaul your social aesthetic?

Honestly, I think my aethetic is always changing and if it didn't I wouldn't be growing. Thrusting myself into genres I never originally identified with myself was the same as categorizing myself. It limited my perception and stunted my growth as a brand.

The way I used to dress was very influenced by 2010 Tumblr fashion, which transitioned to hardcore thrifting, then loud, retro tight-fitting pieces, then bohemian mixed with dressy, and eventually very basics-driven. I used to want to dress very high-end and minimalist, which I suppose I do now but slowly I see myself becoming affixed with streetstyle.

The cause is boredom. People get tired of seeing the same thing every day. Why do you think most 9-5-ers hate their jobs? I always want to challenge myself and I never want to blend in with the crowd. I hate the feeling of complacency and that's what manifests my motivation.


@bylisalinh asked: What's one pet peeve of yours that @justinquebral does?

LOL. You would ask this.

I love Justin to death but there's also a lot I've had to learn how to love. One thing most people learn about us very quickly is how much he gives me a hard time. It's tough love. Trust me. I've definitely grown thicker skin because of him.

This leads me to my point: Justin likes to rush me a lot. It happens when we're in a store (and I end up buying the wrong shade of foundation), when we're walking (he's 5'11" and I have to sprint in order to keep up with him), when I'm getting out of the car (and I end up forgetting something I needed).

I'm laughing typing this because it's all very ridiculous and ironic too since he takes a long time to respond to me sometimes or doesn't respond at all when I'm talking to him. He can have selective hearing sometimes or is very into what he's doing or business he's responding to.

All-in-all, these are things that get on my nerve but we laugh about it eventually.


@nexweekend asked: Oh, how tall are you girl? I'm petite too so it's nice to meet other shorties too.

I'm 5'3" - hopefully 5'5" and in heels in person if you ever meet me! Hehe.


@chrissy.tran asked: What's your all time favorite dish to eat?

UGH. This is like asking your dad who his favorite child is. If there's anything I do crave, it's Korean food but Din Tai Fung or anything in the same category is a close second. However, poke and sushi are my reason for living too.

I'll cheat when answering this but one dish from each of those countries would have to be Soy Bean Paste Stew, Xiao Long Bao, and Albacore Nigiri.


Shoes via Zara / Jumpsuit via StyleWe / Watch via Klasse 14 / Wallet via Article & Goods / Glasses via Wear Me Pro


@makanjitea asked: The ups and downs of blogging for you?

This question is so hard to answer briefly.

I would have to say that the downs are the most heavy when they're a mental battle between myself. I struggle when I lack creative ideas that are needed to push my blog forward whether it's when it's writing or pushing content out. I struggle when I realize halfway through a campaign that I'm doing it more for them than myself. I struggle when I lack the time to put into my passion.

The other downsides are the (rare) haters, fake social climbers and the companies that pull out from campaigns, go ghost or are unwilling to compromise. The biggest downside is when I let it all get to me.

However, the ups are when I get opportunities I never thought I could acheive and eventually become milestones in my path. The ups are connecting with genuine creators who actually want the best for you. The ups are when you get paid doing what you love in an industry that takes advantage of free marketing to the fullest, especially when your significant other is involved too.

Most of all, the biggest upside is my reason for continuing to do this. The reward. The payoff. It's being supported by the ones you love and by the ones who have been loyal and believe in you and what you say.


@iamdianawin asked: Where does your style inspo (come) from? @juliamateian asked: What inspires you?

I would be a fool if I said Instagram as a lot of what I see is more repetitive, trend-riding and it gets harder to find people who are doing things differently.

When it comes down to it and I have a fashion block, I always look at Lusttforlife, Jnelv, Chriselle Lim, Christina Paik, and Alealimay. Youtube-wise, I've been looking at The Line Up a lot too.

Aside from those babes just rockin' it, Tumblr is literally my moodboard for all things aesthetic. It allows me to pull inspiration from past and current trends, ads and editorials.

Most of all Justin's been really pushing me to explore and experiment with other genres of fashion so he has and always will be my inspiration. A lot of times our blogger friends even say that he should start blogging himself or that he dresses better than all of us combined, haha. I think I get inspired the most when he dresses me. It pushes me outside of my comfort zone and gives me more confidence to want to try to new things.

What inspires me the most is seeing my blogging colleagues also doing well. Surrounding yourself with successful people is the biggest secret to success.


@jk_562 asked: How are you?

Just answered this in my latest post here.

As a short life update, my living situation is changing drastically again as I'll be moving in with extended family for the last moth of my college career as my school is charging me a semester's worth of housing for only a month of attendance. Things are up in the air and at times, it feels as though the whole world is keeping me from graduation but I'm almost there.

I can feel it.


Jacket via Zara / Romper via Miss Pap / Glasses via Wear Me Pro


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